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The Ingreso Cybernetico Follow Up To K.I.S. Intro Webinar


1) The people who are blocked have the right to press the button and enter to K.I.S. without paying ?

ANSWER If someone is blocked it is because they are no longer open for business and not a part of the business any longer. They would have to pay again. Or if they are not blocked for that reason it means they were blocked for fraud and are not ever allowed to come back not even if they pay.

2) If I pressed the button today and one of my downline does it too, I get my commission today ? Of all the business centers in which he is ?

ANSWER Commissions will be generated from transactions only my friend, however I will provide you with a pptx so that you can better understand.

3) What will happen with the $ 25 of the monthly payment ? in the 2×2 we earn up to 12 levels in the K.I.S. we have monthly payments ? ( I mean the monthly payment of $ 25)

ANSWER Nothing will happen with the $25 monthly payment as it will still create a unilevel commission for you. Yes to participate it is like the 2×2 in that you have to be active with a payment of $25/month.

A- To be active in K.I.S. we have to pay $ 25 ?

ANSWER yes sir

B – If I pressed the button and im in K.I.S. and my downline not pressed the button , I’ll continued receiving residual from him ? (Residual from $ 25 )

ANSWER yes but remember the button is not integrated yet until we agree to go live.

4) There will be a waiting period to allow time for people to take their decision ?(Holding tank)

ANSWER No need for a holding tank Jose because it will be instantaneous and will not require a new payment to participate.

When the button is available you will be able to decide to wait until you cycle your boards and not participate until you do cycle them all, or you can just click the button right away and begin benefiting.


5) My 3500 is done from team build that has been killed in November/December.  I have 2 key people BUT  with KIS they will never cycle those board out any more…..

In a case like this you can just wait till you cycle your boards and wait to participate in the K.I.S. system because when you guys join a board it should have been based on what you would do and not to make your upline cycle.

You will not be punished for waiting till you cycle the board, however if you have not sponsored anyone in the board personally for like 6 months or more you will need to think about what is best for you. I think with the new system you will make money from every single action from this day forward.

For now watch my video explanation that will provide more information and options that you may have available to you.

6) What are %?

level 1 – 40%
level 2
level 3
level 4
level 5

level 1 – 40%
level 2 – 9%
level 3 – 3%
level 4 – 3%
level 5 – 5%

7) Where can I get additional information about this?

Webinar Replay (I think was only 33 minutes*


Power Point With More Information
DownLoad Here!


  1. Tom says:

    Are there payments beyond level 5 for President’s Club members?

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