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Music To My Ears

The Power Of A Good Message

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I am a believer in having the control of what messaging goes into my mind to ensure effectiveness.   I believe in it so much that I used the principles related to building a strong business to create music that my team and I would use to drive us towards success…

I look at history as great things would happen, appropriate music had an amazing impact in so many ways.   Think of the music of the gladiators, warriors, music of kings, slaves, philosophers, and so many others.   Music should and can be apart of your success too.  When I discovered this principle I ran with it.

It is time that home businesses can have music that is specific for creating strength, encouragement, hope, and so much more to aide in success.

Over the last 8 years I have created such music to help leaders and distributors in the home business industry and now want to share this music publicly and not just for private companies. 

The music I will share is music that I personally used to grow my own success team and I have listed some of the titles and descriptions below for you to see.  This music is used for opportunity meetings, exercise and walking, mastermind retreats, and more.

You can get a MBA (Massive Bank Account) in the home business industry

Leader of Leaders
Learn to lead by not lowering your standard but keep it high so that others can grow and reproduce similar success as you

Your Championship Team
Anyone can build a team that comes and goes, but you can build a championship team that goes to the top with you.

The Family Business
You can build a strong business with the people right in your home. You don’t have to ignore your spouse and children, but instead create the most important strong team to ensure success….

Pump Up The Volume
The way to master residual income is volume.  High volume, high residuals and so you must keep it coming as a unified team…

Success Mountain
It’s lonely at the top and crowded at the bottom.  So dare to take the road less traveled and be different so you can join those at the top…

Systemize To Monetize
The only way to remove limits from your income is to use systems to make your money for ya.  Your body has millions of systems that don’t require your interference.  You must build your business in the same fashion so that you can earn while you sleep, on vacation, etc.

I have also included 2 bonus tracks that were created specifically for Ingreso Cybernetico
IC Vegas
The team building in preparation for our meeting in Las Vegas, and the excitement around being on stage with friends

If You’re Not With Us, You’re Crazy
Ingreso Cybernetico offer’s so much value, you are really missing out  if your not with us.  Get on board and join the movement..

To hear samples and/or get this music, just check out the sitehttp://www.prosperousrecords.com/

Dwayne M. Golden, CEO
Ingreso Cybernetico, SAS


  1. Ben Povlow says:

    This music is awesome! I have had the pleasure of possesing some of this music for several years now. You can not help but to be inspired and motivated while you are listening to it and if your doing live presentations it is the perfect music to have playing in the beinning while people are finding their seats and just hanging around. Then at the end of the meeting the tempo and lyrics are the perfect sounds for your prospects to be listening to as they are waiting for you to introduce them to the leaders in you company. You deserve to have this music in your collection.

    See you at the top of success mountain,
    Ben Povlow Philadelphia Pa.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Ben, that was kind of you to say. We are releasing a new series of records in early May, so look out for the videos.


      • Ben Povlow says:

        Ok great! I cant wait to see what your new creations have in store for all of us. I will be keeping an eye out for these videos. Keep up the good work.

        Thanks for all that you do,

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