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IC Family Night March 22, 2016

Yes, if you have ever been a part of Ingreso Cybernetico I do of course invite you
too to IC family night.

I will not keep you long, but there’s a few things you’ll just want to know about and
be updated on.

We’ll kick off at 7:00 PM EST
Register Right Here

One cool thing we’re going to discuss is a new feeder option that will bring everyone who participates some great results.

More importantly, finally a “win / win” so that upline and downline can benefit without question.

Register Now to hear more about it.

Ok then I’ll share one more thing with ya that I know you’ll love.

How about “daily e-wallet deposits” and not waiting for Fridays to see and
access the funds.

See told ya you’d like it.  :-)

Now as I have been put on temp hold for my treatments, I am moving full speed ahead with the IC enhancements with our team.

Just note that it’s so very important that you attend so you can know long before we open up our new feeder to the general public.

Looking forward to catching up with you soon.

Dwayne M. Golden, CEO



  1. Hi you all, I will attend the webinar, in the Netherlands.

    Its than 0100: at 23 March in the very early morning.

    Warm regards Deane Vuijst Kuijer

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