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Congratulations To Juan Carlos Olaya Zapata!


Juan Carlos Olaya Zapata The Latin American Internet Marketing Pioneer Releases New Online Marketing Suite “Easy Funnel Pro”


Medellin, Colombia, 08/29/2016 – Ingreso Cybernetico announced today that Juan Carlos Olaya Zapata is heading up a newly released Easy Funnel Pro, and will no longer be acting President of Ingreso Cybernetico.

Ingreso Cybernetico secured the assistance and leadership from Juan Carlos in March of 2013, to spearhead their Latin American initiative to saturate that market with the company products and services.  It is expected that this new product and direction that Juan Carlos again will achieve similar success as in these previous years with Ingreso Cybernetico.

Effective September 1, 2016 Dwayne M. Golden, the current CEO, will be filling the position as interim President while Juan Carlos ensures the successful launch of his new product/brand, Easy Funnel Pro, and prepares for the birth of his new baby in just a few weeks.

Juan Carlos has made it clear that he will be working in the background and available as needed to assist in the transition for the new President Dwayne M. Golden.   There is full support and open communication between Dwayne Golden & Juan Carlos as their long time friendship has only gotten stronger as they built up Ingreso Cybernetico.

After looking at the successful growth of Ingreso Cybernetico, we have full confidence that Easy Funnel Pro will have similar success and provide all of Latin America a new alternative to having an All-In-One marketing tool for business.

In his statement, Juan Carlos explained and clarified his motives for resigning his role as legal President of Ingreso Cybernetico were to free up time for his new baby and his new product release.

The Board of Directors at Ingreso Cybernetico is not currently interviewing candidates to fill Juan Carlos Olaya Zapata’s position. In the interim period, Dwayne Golden has stepped in to serve as president.   Dwayne’s experience as the current CEO, international business consultant/analyst along with his residents in Colombia ensures a smooth transition for Juan Carlos and the company.

“We are forever grateful for the foundation given to us by our co-founder and president Juan Carlos Olaya Zapata.  We will now continue to move our company into the future as we serve our customers throughout all of Latin America and the world with premier products and services”  – Dwayne M. Golden, MBA

Juan Carlos since 2001 has lead Latin America in marketing internet products online.  He’s been the creator of online marketing universities, and the co-founder of products such as Twittmate, WebMail Responder and more.

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