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Who In The World Is Behind The Scenes?

62198500 - hand opening stage curtain and audiance

No Guessing Who Is Behind Scenes With Us!

We have many exciting announcements coming that you don’t want to miss, and in fact the first one is further proof that we are never hiding behind the scenes and have nothing to hide from  you.  Since August of 2016 after the vacancy of the position of President at our company, I announced that I was the new president until we found the appropriate replacement.


After careful review and a few years of grooming Dolly Estrada is the perfect match for the vision of Ingreso Cybernetico.  Dolly shares our vision for building greater opportunities for our subscribers, understands and supports our social mission, and even believes in the highest of ethical standards in the way we treat the users of our products and affiliates.  This is important for our company as since our doors opened we have a ZERO tolerance for fraud with our team, owners, or anyone and if for any reason someone was found guilty of such behavior they are no longer with us.

Now who is behind the curtain?  We will tell you, we tell the governments in the communities we serve and most of all we tell our subscribers of our services.  Ingreso Cybernetico founder Dwayne Golden who started this concept and idea 5 years ago with his good friend and CIO Jatin Patel.   We are owners however we are a part of a committed team of individuals who now is headed up by Dolly Estrada.   To know more about who we are  you can learn my by clicking here:

What’s New & Exciting?

Not only do we have a new president, but in February as we promised we have opened e-Wallet to allow you to add funds using bitcoin.  Now we are releasing to you soon the following things that will make your life even better as a subscriber at Ingreso Cybernetico

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 5.44.59 PM

  1. BitCoin Payouts with new Bitcoin Debit card so you commissions can be loaded and you can spend directly from your debit card.  Releasing Late May
  2.  New live stream solution directly to social networks that will replace Google Hangouts and yet give added benefits and features.  Launching May 1, 2017
  3. New Ingreso Cybernetico Affiliate Marketing Branch that will enable our subscribers to launch, promote and manage their online marketing business in 100% bitcoin (daily automated pay throughout each day even weekends).   We are not stopping there but this system will have items and features that are welcome to our smart order IC members as well.   Launching May 15, 2017

24845357 - bitcoin in the cloud

You may be wondering why bitcoin will be a part of our future at our company.   Our software development company has successfully created the most advanced bitCoin e-Wallet for our customers.  It is state of the art technology and has features that don’t exist yet in the market place, however you don’t have to take our word for it  you can see for yourself when we release to you.  We have been working in BitCoin technology since the positive surge approximately 1 year ago and now are excited to say that our technology pays people around the world every single day.

I know, yes I know everyone says they are doing it and even will say they are the first.  The proof is in the pudding and you will see that talk is cheap and that when you’re doing something amazing you have no problem standing behind it with  your name.   Our clients which are home business companies are pleased to use our state of the art technology and now we are bringing it to you so that you can benefit from our latest integrated features that even they don’t have yet.


Now it is time for me to denounce since I have the announcements out of the way.  Anything on the internet that does not have an owner’s name on it is not owned by me.  All businesses on the internet that I am the person behind it is made public and will have my video, and/or photo stating my position.  So for all in customer support, and FB inbox and What’s app, NO I/WE DON’T OWN Me-Coin, and I have no ownership or anything to do with it.

IC Family Night March 22, 2016

Yes, if you have ever been a part of Ingreso Cybernetico I do of course invite you
too to IC family night.

I will not keep you long, but there’s a few things you’ll just want to know about and
be updated on.

We’ll kick off at 7:00 PM EST
Register Right Here

One cool thing we’re going to discuss is a new feeder option that will bring everyone who participates some great results.

More importantly, finally a “win / win” so that upline and downline can benefit without question.

Register Now to hear more about it.

Ingreso Cybernetico Live In Mexico CIty

What Were We Doing in Mexico City?

Ingreso Mexico Corporate Team

You probably heard us talking about it on our last call, or maybe you saw an email from the Leadership Team telling you about a trip we recently made to Mexico City.  You may have asked, why Mexico City…what were we doing?

Serious About the Mission and Vision

When we talked about taking Ingreso Cybernetico to every part of the world, we weren’t just saying to impress people.  We were dead serious.  We want to take our suite of tools and make them available to businesses all over the world.  You’ll want to get used to it…Mexico is just one of the many stop we’ll be making.

What Makes This Concept Work?

We recognize that the future of business online is to be global; and if we expect you to take your business global, we have to do it.  Doing business globally requires companies to have the tools that allow them to reach EVERY part of the world.

A business isn’t really global until they’re using the tools we’re bringing to the marketplace…

Our Tools: Making Global Business Easy

The tools we want to make available to companies all over the world will make it easy for them (and for you) to do business with anyone, at anytime and anywhere.  So we’re proud to put these kinds of tools in the hands of men and women like you world-wide:

Our Autoresponder Service helps businesses to build relationships and capitalize on marketing opportunities.  New customers become lifetime customers, along with

Our Virtual Conferencing Tool which helps companies like yours to connect and personalize business with their customers.  Think of what it will be like to have your own webinar service and what that could mean to what you can offer and how you offer it, along with

Our Live Chat Service Tool which will allow you to offer help in real time to customers and prospects.  That means you (or your customers) never miss an opportunity to make sales when somebody has a question.  You and your customers can have live 24-7 human interaction…almost a necessity in today’s world.

And you know, this is only naming a small part of what we can bring to the business community.  Add to that, the Language Institute and I think you’ll agree our program is unstoppable in the power its packing for businesses.

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 1.03.19 PM

We Believe In the Future

We will continue to develop new tools and take them worldwide.  Why? It’s pretty simple: we believe in the future of business.  The future means that you’re not just making money today, but that you have the structure in place to have longevity.  We want to do that as a company and expect you to do the same in your business.   Watch and Enjoy the Video!

Ingreso Cybernetico Executive Team
Ingreso Cybernetico, SAS

Music To My Ears

The Power Of A Good Message

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 12.01.11 PM

I am a believer in having the control of what messaging goes into my mind to ensure effectiveness.   I believe in it so much that I used the principles related to building a strong business to create music that my team and I would use to drive us towards success…

I look at history as great things would happen, appropriate music had an amazing impact in so many ways.   Think of the music of the gladiators, warriors, music of kings, slaves, philosophers, and so many others.   Music should and can be apart of your success too.  When I discovered this principle I ran with it.

It is time that home businesses can have music that is specific for creating strength, encouragement, hope, and so much more to aide in success.

Over the last 8 years I have created such music to help leaders and distributors in the home business industry and now want to share this music publicly and not just for private companies. 

The music I will share is music that I personally used to grow my own success team and I have listed some of the titles and descriptions below for you to see.  This music is used for opportunity meetings, exercise and walking, mastermind retreats, and more.

You can get a MBA (Massive Bank Account) in the home business industry

Leader of Leaders
Learn to lead by not lowering your standard but keep it high so that others can grow and reproduce similar success as you

Your Championship Team
Anyone can build a team that comes and goes, but you can build a championship team that goes to the top with you.

The Family Business
You can build a strong business with the people right in your home. You don’t have to ignore your spouse and children, but instead create the most important strong team to ensure success….

Pump Up The Volume
The way to master residual income is volume.  High volume, high residuals and so you must keep it coming as a unified team…

Success Mountain
It’s lonely at the top and crowded at the bottom.  So dare to take the road less traveled and be different so you can join those at the top…

Systemize To Monetize
The only way to remove limits from your income is to use systems to make your money for ya.  Your body has millions of systems that don’t require your interference.  You must build your business in the same fashion so that you can earn while you sleep, on vacation, etc.

I have also included 2 bonus tracks that were created specifically for Ingreso Cybernetico
IC Vegas
The team building in preparation for our meeting in Las Vegas, and the excitement around being on stage with friends

If You’re Not With Us, You’re Crazy
Ingreso Cybernetico offer’s so much value, you are really missing out  if your not with us.  Get on board and join the movement..

To hear samples and/or get this music, just check out the sitehttp://www.prosperousrecords.com/

Dwayne M. Golden, CEO
Ingreso Cybernetico, SAS

What Is Freedom To You?

It’s already the end of January 2014 and as I sit in Starbucks after a meeting with a friend I think about Freedom.   I know that freedom has a universal meaning, but also has a special for each individual who attains it.


Thinking about my freedoms

When I think of freedom I think of growing up in an era when I would travel with my family on a drive when I was just a boy and the struggle my parents had doing something as simple as a drive.   There were times when they would be refused to be served gasoline, or even a new tire if there was a flat.   I knew as even young boy that I wanted to live in a different world than that.  Didn’t like being called names living in town where our family was one of only 4 black families and my parent had 7 boys (no girls).

I watched them fight in a world and never complain or teach me to hate.  If kids called us names, or put up ugly signs, my parents taught me and my brothers that we could do anything and our color cannot be a barrier.   The funny thing is when I think of freedom, I realize that because of the contribution of my parents I am free of hatred, and blaming others for my failures or success.

Yes few have many freedoms, and those of us who live in a free country with freedom to worship, freedom to vote, and soooo many other awesome freedoms should NEVER take those freedoms for granted.  The big question that comes to my mind is what will do with it?   Since life is so short, and no one knows when their time is up, are we free to live that purpose in which we were created?  If not, I ask you to consider living in a way where you do what it takes, pay the cost whatever that is to secure your freedom to live your purpose.

The sad news is that you are given 168 hours a week and no more.   If you spend 20-25% of that time sleeping, 7% in traffic, 5-15 hours in front of the TV or entertaining, 10.5 hours a week eating meals, 3 hours a week at soccer practice or even piano lessons, and to top it all off 40-60 a week working to fulfill someone else’s purpose, then you tell me what time will you have to live the purse you were created?

As an adult I get experience freedom at another level because I traded even more of my freedom away for the freedom to live my life’s purpose some 8 years ago when I went out on  my own to be in business full time.   Here is the trade off that was necessary for me to be free before age 50.

  • Leave the security of 100k + job
  • Spend the time that I gave to the company to make them rich, to spend in my own business, and to fill my mind with all I could about my business
  • Shut off TV and general entertainment like radio, just listening to music etc., until we could see success
  • Had to inform my wife and children that the price would not be only mine, but all of us would have to participate at some level
  • Had to stop focussing on credit and begin to focus on assets
  • Had to work while many were playing, partying, sleeping, etc.
  • Had miss trips to the beach, camping, and even some family events
  • Had to now practice principles and live by a principle centered philosophy
  • Show my children by example and not tell them
  • Commit to daily spiritual, mental and relational growth
  • Accept personal responsibility for all results and not blame ANYONE!

There are so many other trade offs I had exchange for the way I lived and now I cannot ever, ever be any more happy about possessing my freedom.

I feel as happy as Fredrick Douglas when he got his freedom, or a free as the abolitionist “John Brown” made the slaves whom he set free, or even the freedom of those who are set free of addiction (modern day slavery), all because of the “BIG TRADE OFF”.

Now about 18 months ago I started with my business partners an opportunity to offer people around the world a similar opportunity to plug in for their trade off an opportunity to sieze the day.  To gain the ability to start their own business and work closely towards their freedom to serve God, spend quality time with family, and even give more time, donations, many things to charity, and whatever else is a part of your purpose.

Ingreso Cybernetico was created to empower the dreams of so many that often die with in them.  Not to chase money, but to follow the dream that each subscriber was born with.  The opportunity to learn about the world of the internet and master proven business strategies, and learn to use state of the art tools to position them in the market place for a lasting change.

We are happy to announce that we have people from all walks of life are able to live their dreams with this company.   18 year olds, 81 year olds, single parents, deaf, who are so grateful for the opportunity and my mother would cry and shout to you if she were alive not to trade your dreams for a flse sense of security.  Many are dealing with being laid off, downsized, and even fired to start over after giving 10-30 years to a company who offered security.  I learned from my lay off in 2005 that I was better off putting these dreams my own hands and seeking God’s grace for something better, and more lasting that enabled me to be more.

Just 3 years ago my mother passed away and I wish that she could have experienced so much of the dreams that died with in her.  I think of her and angry that she never was told about such a business while raising her 7 children with my dad.   The fight to train us that we must be 100% responsible and look to no one else for our failures or success but God himself.   I think mom and dad lived her dream with the freedom to be able to raise their family with the principles of life (This is a freedom that does not exist for people from some countries)

The question is: Is you dreams, family, and aspirations worth fighting for and make huge tradeoffs?   If so then see this partial quote  below.

“Security in all of nature does not exist as whole, neither can any man experience it.  Life is either a daring adventure or NOTHING at all” – Helen Keller

Helen Keller if you remember was blind, couldn’t hear or speak, and wrote more books than most have read and we still quote her today,  then what are you going to do with your fully operational body in comparison?

Thanks for reading the blog post, I don’t like to write them this long but would love to see your responses written below about what you will do for your freedom to live your purpose.


Dwayne M. Golden, CEO
Ingreso Cybernetico, SAS

The IC Social Commitment

In an effort to ensure an industry change in home business, Ingreso Cybernetico insist that one correct pathway includes a social responsibility.  The big question is how can a company talk about changing lives if it only affects it’s own affiliates, subscribers, and vendors?

Answer:  By committing to communities where ever the company does business.   It is our goal to demonstrate our social commitment globally as we continue to grow, and learn more about the communities in which our customers, affiliates, subscribers and vendors live.

Over the last 17 months we have learned a lot and recently had the great privilege of partnering with our customers and affiliates to make contributions to some non-profit organizations to further demonstrate our social mission.

The Humane Society of San Diego

The Jimmy Fund (helps children with Cancer and other terminal illnesses)

Speak to Me World 

The Boys & Girls Club of Allentown, Pensylvania

West Rock Family Church

National Brain Cancer Society  

Cristo Para Las Naciones (Medellin Colombia)

If you are a customer, affiliate or even vendor of Ingreso Cybernetico, we invite you to participate in our commitment to the social responsibility that will certainly make our world a better place.

We are excited as we look forward to contributing in other areas world wide but wanted to share, and invite the Ingreso Cybernetico friends to join us in this commitment.

As an International company we realize that our products and services will affect people everywhere.  Therefore as we continue to hire employees all over the world, and purchase products and services as well, we can impact the global economy while yet serving and giving to those under represented, and under privileged.

As we believe that taking the lead in such an initiative will spark more and more commitments that will enable us together to make a difference.


Dwayne M. Golden, CEO

Ingreso Cybernetico, SAS